Catching Up

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I wanted to post and let everyone that doesn’t follow me on social media know where I’ve been at. I took a much needed, week-long break from reviews. Sometimes this feels like a very tough, unpaid job, and breaks are a necessity.

I am in the process of deleting the Rae’s Reading FB page. I will still be keeping my Twitter profile. Facebook has become a cesspool, and if I don’t have to log into the site, then I won’t. Not having a page on the site will make it easier to not have to log in as frequently.

Additionally, I wanted to discuss a few review requests I received recently.

One of the requests, the author wasn’t happy that I couldn’t guarantee a review. Had she spent 2 minutes reading my FAQ, she could have saved us both time.

Listen, sometimes a person starts a book and for any number of reasons they can’t finish it. Such as they don’t like the editing, a situation occurs they don’t like such as violence, sexual assault, cheating, etc.

Sometimes a person finishes the book, but would only give it 1-star, but they don’t like to 1-star an author. (I try to only give 3-stars and up. I  give 2-stars to books I DNF, and that’s rare.)

Forcing reviews isn’t genuine. And to me? It’s sketchy as heck.


A second request I received didn’t sit well with me, and so I told the author I wouldn’t be able to read and review their book. They asked for an explanation. Normally, I avoid explaining why I turn down a book because authors will *always* call you wrong. They ask because they are already feeling confrontational. This time, I replied. So this author read words that weren’t there and took it upon themselves to try and “educate me”, knowing nothing about me. I will not cave when people are clearly in the wrong. I will walk away and leave you to your racism.

I have worked with many wonderful Indie authors, they are among my most favorites. But if I continue to receive these problematic review requests, I will stop taking requests. This is a free service I provide, which costs me money in that this is a custom site.  Me reviewing books, for free, in my own time, doesn’t entitle an author to anything from me really.

I have a few reviews I’m sitting on, so I hope to start posting again within the next few days.

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