The Lake Never Tells, Alex Tully


Zoe’s world living in the trailer park seems rather small. She has her best friend Meredith, and the neighbor’s grandson, Parker, to help her escape from her alcoholic mother who parties like she’s still a teenager. But when Zoe gets a job at Crystal Waters, the resort next door, she meets Ethan. He’s quiet and awkward, but she’s drawn to him, and she wants to help him come out of his shell. Zoe, Ethan, and Parker are all carrying their own pain. Healing takes time, but they all help each other in their own way. Add in the death that happens at the beginning of the book, and you have another layer to this already fun story.

I liked all the characters except for Meredith. I get that she is written to be annoying, but the number of times she called Parker “twerp” or degraded him in some way, was over the top. And Zoe wasn’t great at sticking up for Parker. If I was hanging out with people that didn’t get along, I would either not hang out with both at the same time, or I would speak up in defense of the one always picked on. Even outside of her picking on Parker, Meredith didn’t have any redeeming qualities.

But Parker, Ethan, and Zoe? All super fun characters, and I loved how they came together to solve the mystery. I loved Ethan’s quiet strength, how he wants to do the right thing even when it’s hard for him to do. I liked the fact the age difference with Parker wasn’t a factor in their friendship for Zoe, and that she stuck up for what she thought was right.

This was a fun storyline that includes some real-world issues, which I appreciated. What’s funny is when Tully came to me with a review request for this, I hadn’t read her before. But when I was looking at her profile, I realized I bought her other books last year. My TBR is seriously out of control, but I plan to rectify that because she has a new fan. Nicely done.

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The Lake Never Tells is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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