The Third Twin, CJ Omololu


I don’t tend to share the books I dislike here because the point of this blog is to recommend books. But The Third Twin holds some promise and some people might enjoy this one. This is another book that I bought digitally and then grabbed it on sale at the bookstore. I really need to start checking my ebook library as well as my physical library before buying books. I use Libib, but I don’t add my digital books because that seems like a very exhausting project. Anyway, let’s get down to the review.

I didn’t care too much for this book, but I’m giving it 3-stars because I think with some refining, it could be a good book. First, the police seem to have forgotten how to do actual police work. They were weak and ignoring the obvious. Also, they’re illegally and repeatedly questioning minors, which they know is wrong, and yet they keep doing it. Not to mention anything they get during the questioning will get thrown out in court. And why is no one telling the father? A father that so desperately wanted these girls he leaves them alone all the time?

Next, we have Lexi, who drove me nuts because you could repeatedly show her proof of something, and she would deny it. Draw her a picture of a circle, and then show her the definition, she would say “but that can’t be a circle.” For someone written as smart who is intent on attending Stanford, there is no way they would let her in.

What started as a promising plot fell incredibly flat. The repetitiveness of Lexi’s denial and the plot holes made this a cringe-worthy read. There was a lot of writing that didn’t go anywhere that was clearly just filler. Lastly, say no to slut-shaming, especially in YA books.

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The Third Twin is available on Amazon for $7.99


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