Folly, Laurie R. King

This was my first ARC. I received it in 2001 when you gave your feedback directly to the publisher. It is my most favorite book. It came at a time when I was newly diagnosed with PTSD after 5 years of wandering lost with no diagnosis. King gave me Rae, a woman who was so much more than just a shared name. While Rae struggled with a different diagnosis than me, we both struggled together. It gave me hope that things could get better. That I must have some strength to have made it that far, and I could learn about that strength, and see where it could take me. Folly was a lifeline for me. I’ve reread it countless times, and as I write this review after reading it yet again, I find the kinship I felt with Rae swimming back to the surface, with renewed hope and strength.

Thank you, Laurie, for Folly. For Rae and the feeling that while life takes constant effort and hard work, it’s a life worth fighting for.

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Folly is available on Amazon for $11.99


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