Time After Time, Sara Crawford

I asked to review this because I thought the premise of going back to the 80s was fun and could go really far. The cover, with the pink and the neon, suits the theme, and it draws the reader in. However, I think I was more excited about the prospect of traveling back to the 80s than the execution of it. It got a bit repetitive at times, and I was blown away by the number of times Megan kept insisting this was a dream. She would sound convinced but then go back to unbelieving. But when I look past that, there is a fun story here. We get to find out why her mother is strict about certain things, and it gives her some closure about other things. The music mentioned was reminiscent of the junior high dances I attended, which made it fun.

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Time After Time is available on Amazon for $6.99.


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