Where Hope is Found, Rebecca L. Marsh

After Marissa’s world crashes down around her, she moves in with her brother on the island with her daughter. She’s not healing as she should be, and it’s drastically affecting her daughter Maisy. Maisy is angry all the time, and she just can’t connect with her. But when you are stifling your grief, it can cause all sorts of problems. Can Marissa find a place of healing not only within herself but with her relationship with Maisy?

This one is probably going to make you cry because there is a lot of hurt for this small family. My heart hurt for both Marissa and Maisy. I was angry with Marissa for stifling her grief because she was trying to stifle Maisy’s as well. Her brother was a bit of enabler with that, so I was glad to see some resolution. The island details were rich and vivid, and I loved the idea of such a small community to come together when you need them. This was a truly heartwarming story.

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Where Hope is Found is available on Amazon for 99 cents. Give Rebecca a follow on Facebook for release information and more. 


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