Dark Energy, Addison Brae

When the feds come to arrest her boss, Pinkie, Gillian knows he’s innocent. With the stress of the trial looming, and with the dangers of what’s happening with Pinkie, her boyfriend Jon wants her to be cautious. But she will do what it takes to clear his name and get him out of jail.

I hadn’t read book 1, but mostly, I didn’t feel lost with the plot. When they first started talking about Kyle and the trial, or when learning who Brad was, I felt a little out of the loop, but it’s all made clear through the storyline. Gillian is a fun main character. She’s a good bar manager and friend. She will go to the ends of the earth to prove Pinkie’s innocence, even if it means she’s putting herself in danger. There are some good characters in this that I can see sharing the stage with Gillian in future books. I think Lauren and Paul would be good together. Creepy stalker guy has a story, and I would love to know what it is. Sometimes the day to day of the running of the bars got repetitive, but outside of that, this was a fun read. The plot of a bartender turned manager who solves mysteries is fun and fresh. I want more of this cast of characters and will definitely go back to read book 1.

Dark Energy is available on Amazon for $4.99.

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One thought on “Dark Energy, Addison Brae

  1. Many thanks, Rae, for spending your valuable time reading Dark Energy and sharing your thoughts. It means a lot. Thanks also for being a reader and advocating fiction!

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