The Many Faces of Charlotte Barnes, Marie McGrath

Charlie had her entire summer planned, starting with her best friend, Emma’s Summer bash. But her parents throw a cog in her plans when they announce they are taking their food truck on a tour of college campuses. Not only is she going to miss the party, but she already knows which college she wants to attend. So why bother? Especially when she learns her crush, Samuel Foster, is going to be at the party. This is going to be one miserable summer.

Charlie was really insecure when it came to Samuel, and she didn’t see herself in the greatest light. She felt grown up enough to date, but not enough to have the adult conversations that come with dating. And she often made situations harder than they needed to be. I felt bad for her when she explained how distant her parents were because they were always working. It’s hard when you’re an only child, and you don’t feel like you can turn to your parents. She met someone new in each location that had something meaningful to contribute. This was a cute read about finding yourself and knowing your limits.

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The Many Faces of Charlotte Barnes is available on Amazon for $4.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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