Crush (Rebel Academy), Rosemary Johns

“…monsters deserved love too.”

You need to start at book 1 with this reverse harem, Rebel Academy, where no one comes out a winner; if they come out at all. Here, the Immortals have won the Rebel Cup. But the win comes with a price. Of course, it does. This isn’t your typical reform school.

I had already loved Magenta from book 1, because her story was heartbreaking and she rose above it. As if you needed another reason to cheer for her, her cluelessness to modernity is absolutely endearing, and it will have you laughing out loud.

Thank gawd we only have to wait until December for book 3! We finish precariously hanging on the edge of a cliff and have no way of knowing what lies ahead for this group. I think my favorite part of Crush is the connection that is growing with the Princes. I have a feeling that connection is going to play heavily in Curse, or at least, I hope it does. Nicely done!

Rebel Academy: Crush is available on Amazon for $3.99.

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