City of York, A. Person

Person was kind enough to send me a paperback copy of City of York and the photo of the cover doesn’t do it justice. It’s absolutely stunning.

To me, this book is the groundwork for what is coming, so you don’t feel the story right off. It was around the halfway mark that I got drawn into what was happening. I wanted to know more about Bosh and I wanted to know how all these seemingly unrelated character’s stories were going to relate to one another. It is a large cast, and Person is constantly adding new characters, so it can get confusing at times to keep track.

I wasn’t sure where the plot was going to end up until the last quarter of it. I feel that now that the groundwork is out of the way, the real story can begin. I liked the various kinds of magical beings, and their abilities, and I liked the way the Community settled differences. It will be interesting to see what lies in store for our main characters and where Person will take the story.

Read this review on Amazon and Goodreads.

City of York is available on Amazon for $9.99.


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