Tools of Engagement, Tessa Bailey

Bethany wants to strike out on her own when it comes to renovating and staging houses. When she announces so to her brother, his top worker, Wes, jumps ship to help her out. He hasn’t spent the past few months watching her from afar for nothing. But when things take a turn and they find themselves put on a very short deadline, can they take this total gut job and prove Bethany has what it takes in the remodeling world?

I’m always amazed when I check on other reviews before I write my own and people aren’t swooning over the book the way I have. True, Bethany’s character facilitated between sassy and insecure, but the standards we set for ourselves become deeply rooted in us, and in the competitive environment she grew up in with her brother didn’t help. In her way of thinking, if she doesn’t let Wes get close, he won’t want more, which is good because then he would see her flaws. Wes is amazing. He’s had such a rough childhood, and he’s constantly running away. But he’s a good man because of how rough things were in the past.

Bailey writes fantastic characters and anyone who has read her books knows she’s the queen of *hot and steamy*. She had me laughing and swooning within the span of a few chapters. I love this couple and Tools of Engagement is a perfect addition to the series. 5-fiery hot stars. Thank you, HarperCollins Publishers, for sending this along!

Tools of Engagement is available on Amazon for $10.99.

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