The Bright Fish, James Ward

I was glad I checked the genre and reviews before starting this because the blurb makes this sound like it’s just a bizarre mystery. The genre says metaphysical, and that isn’t quite apt. It should be in the paranormal and fantasy sections. That being said, if you go on reading with that in mind, you will be better prepared for what is going to happen.

And frankly, I don’t know how to review this without spoiling anything (as other reviewers have done), and so I will keep this vague. This had a rough start for me because we jumped in with the main couple with not much groundwork. But then I got drawn into the mystery. Many odd things were happening, and every character encountered seemed to bear ill will towards the couple, which made them suspect. I needed to know what was going on and why everyone was treating them with such disdain.

But then it took a turn, and it’s because I’m not a huge fan of the subject material in that turn that I didn’t love this one. But I think it’s a trope that people really like, and so they might enjoy that more than I do. The ending felt rushed and incomplete. Some authors do incomplete really well because of the reader’s vivid imaginations, but that didn’t work for me. I wanted the resolution that we had spent so long needing throughout the book. Overall, I dug the mystery elements and the constant surprises, and that made it a solid read.

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.The Bright Fish is available on Amazon for $3.99.


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