White Fox, Sara Faring

The sister’s aunt has finally allowed them to return home after the death of their father. One of them believes their mother is still alive, and one of them has told herself stories to accept her disappearance ten years ago. Both of them have questions that need answering on their return, but they might not find the answers they seek when more questions arise. And this might not be the same place they left all those years ago.

“… because when people leave a house, it stops being a home.”

I liked how the story was told from each of the sister’s perspective. They were different young women, but they went through much of the same things, even if they didn’t want to see it. Faring has created the perfect atmosphere in White Fox. The ambiance is splendid, and it draws you in. It’s both chilling and endearing, and your feelings fluctuate between horror and empathy.

“Beauty isn’t that which is beautiful, it is that which pleases us.”

I loved how we’re given pieces of this play, which created questions that led the girls to the answers they needed. It allowed their mother’s story to unfold. The girls’ personalities, the anxiety, the years of sadness, it makes for an emotional read. White Fox is both heavy and hopeful, and as the book drew towards the finish, I slowed my pace. I wanted to allow the words to settle over me and around me, and I didn’t want it to end. Such a beautifully told story, fantastic! Thank you, Fierce Reads, and Imprint for sending this along.

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White Fox is available on Amazon for $9.99.


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