Sunday Favorites, Fantasy

Fantasy is a relatively new genre for me. I only started reading it a few years ago, so this isn’t going to be a huge list. Additionally, I’m not a fan of science fiction, so fantasy books that lean heavily on sci-fi don’t really interest me. But I love this genre, it’s exciting, and it let’s me live in a world of what-ifs and could bes. So let’s get to it.

The Night Circus and The Starless Sea, Erin Morgenstern

Ugh, you guys. I am so rubbish at reviewing her books because they just blow me away. My reviews tend to be along the lines of: uhm, utterly amazing, grab this book and never let it go.

The Ten Thousand Doors of January, Alix E. Harrow

This was another tough one to review because it hit me in all the feels. Each door went someplace amazing, and the possibilities were endless. The characters were rich, and the various settings even more so. It beautifully portrays the charm, grace, and even ugliness in this world. Final note, The Once and Future Witches is releasing October 13th and you are going to love it!

Compañera, (the entire series) Julia DeBarrioz

Take a badass heroine, make her a supernatural bounty hunter, add a unique spin on vampires and other supernatural creatures, and you’ve got this amazing book. One of my most favorite series from an Indie author. Julia draws these covers herself, and this one has been newly updated. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Olympian Challenger (entire series), Astrid Arditi

This was another gem that came to me from an Indie author. The covers are absolutely stunning. Hope is just your average girl who gets transported to Mount Olympus. Hope, along with others, will be training and fighting at the hands of the Gods. This is Greek mythology done right.

The Paper Magician (series), Charlie N. Holmberg

I was reading various articles online trying to chase the high of The Starless Sea, when numerous articles pointed me to this series. They both contain magically worlds, yet they are vastly different. So it’s not a fair comparison. But I absolutely adored learning the various skills people had, and how highly imaginative Holmberg was when it came to the various magical applications of paper. I also appreciated that the language didn’t reflect the time period because it made for easier reading.

The Dark Truth (series), Jerry Knaak

Elizabeth is learning to navigate her new life amongst the vampires. She is refreshingly unapologetic when it comes to what she will do to survive. Knaak has put his own twist on vampire lore and each book in the series gets better than the one before.

Shadow Play (series), Jill Ramsower

Becca has moved to Ireland, and she learns there are magical creatures she’s never dreamed about. Various forms of Faeries make an appearance in this book and series, and Ramsower added romance to make it a lot of fun. She’s also updated her covers, and while I love them, I’m glad I have the original covers in paperback because I don’t like change, even when it’s really pretty. Of course, I need to buy the paperbacks with the new covers so I can have both.

The City of Veils, (series) S. Usher Evans

After princess Brynna leaves home to escape an unwanted marriage, she finds herself as The Veil, protecting the city from those that would corrupt it. Brynna is strong, and assertive, and she fights for what is right. There are some wonderful, inclusive characters in this series, and I consider myself lucky to be on Sush’s team.

Well, there you have it. Those are my absolute favorite Fantasy books. The majority of them are from Indie authors and I love that. Do you read Fantasy? What are some of your favs?


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