Koush Hollow, Leigh Goff

Jenna’s moved back in with her mother in the wake of her father’s death. Koush Hollow is a place she’s been away from for over a decade, and it’s nothing and everything like she remembered. She doesn’t fit in here, and her mother is trying her hardest to mold her into the daughter she expects, the daughter the town expects. She will belong to the elite Diamonds and Pearls, even if they conflict with her personal beliefs.

While I think the book could use a little editing on some minor things, I enjoyed it. I couldn’t stand Jenna’s mother. Goff wrote her unlikeability extremely well. I couldn’t imagine dealing with someone so utterly horrible. I liked the mystical additions with this one, including the well-known spirit, Mami Wata. Overall, an enjoyable YA read. Thank you, Parliament House, for sending this along.

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Koush Hollow is available on Amazon for $6.99.


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