Invisible Girl, Lisa Jewell

Saffyre is keeping a hefty secret. Wrecked from being dumped by her therapist, she’s taken to spying on him. While it seems unconventional, that spying allows her to see secrets that involve not just him, but the neighbor, Owen as well. Owen is going through a lot, and it’s because of that stress that things are further going awry in his life. We watch this story come together in pieces, told from alternating viewpoints, in this riveting read.

I’m always amazed when people have issues with the way the story is told. It’s because it’s broken up amongst many characters to come together in a complete picture that makes this such a thrilling read. Her characters are vivid and deep, and they are relatably flawed. They’re also keeping secrets. We parse our way through the ones that seem insignificant, to the ones that can be life-changing. A lot is going on in this one, and Jewell tackles some tough situations such as depression and sexual assault. Overall, a thrilling and suspenseful read. Thank you, Atria Books, for sending this along.

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Invisible Girl is available on Amazon for $14.99.


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