The Last Moon Witch, Feyra Silverlock

Notia is raising Kanruo in hiding because The Union is trying to get rid of all the witches. If The Union finds them, it will mean certain death. Kanruo has taken to this world wholly and completely. But he feels incomplete. Notia won’t tell him anything about his birth parents, about how he came to be in her custody, and she’s keeping a major secret. But he’s a good kid. He studies hard, and he puts in the work. He loves Notia unconditionally, but he’s feeling pretty isolated because his world is so small. It only includes his best friend, Alrik, and his parents. He knows there’s something more, but he’s unsure what that is.

I don’t normally say things like: this book had me hooked from the very start, but it is so incredibly accurate for this one. We start in a tense situation. We’re in the dystopian future where the world has gone high tech, and witches exist, but they must hide who they are, and Silverlock draws you in. I loved learning about their connection to the earth. The only thing that kept me from giving this 5-stars was that things got a bit brutal 3/4s of the way in, and it was too much for my taste. We leave the book with some resolution, but it’s a cliffhanger, so you will need the next book to continue the story. Overall, this was an addicting read, nicely done.

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The Last Moon Witch is available on Amazon for $2.99.


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