To Reap the Spirit, Sarah Lampkin

The third installment in the Dead Dreamer series has brought Brenna far. While she’s still obsessed with her tongue ring, which is maddening, she’s learning to control her anger, which is a huge step. She’s learning it’s okay to let people in because some people just want to help her. She’s got a great team behind her while she’s figuring everything out. The problem is that too many people are keeping secrets, while others want her dead.

Brenna spends a lot of time pushing people away. She’s rude and snaps easily, and it can be hard to deal with, especially when you’re a person who wants the best for her. But I find she’s mostly only this way with James, as she doesn’t treat anyone else as poorly. There are so many questions in this one, and too many people are keeping secrets. We need to know why no one is telling her the truth, especially considering the way things are going. This one ends on a heck of a cliffhanger, which is super stressful because I want the answers now. Everything from the cover to the well-developed characters and the fun and original storyline draws the reader in, hooking you from the start.

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To Reap the Spirit is available on Amazon for $1.99.


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