Damaged Desires, LJ Evans

LJ, what have you done to me?? I started reading this and forgot to make notes because I was too drawn into Nash and Dani’s story. You have ruined me for other fictional couples.

Because I didn’t make notes, this review is going to be short and sweet. In Damaged Desires, we have two people who are broken in their own way. They are trying their hardest to stay away from each other, to avoid the desire that is brewing between them. But we wouldn’t have this adorable couple on the cover if that had worked out. As odd as it may sound, sometimes our traumas can draw us to others that are also carrying a burden. Sharing that burden can help us heal.

The thing I love about LJ Evans books is that she writes incredible characters, who are broken and flawed, but feisty and funny. Her characters are relatable, and they suffer in very really ways. I dare say this is my most favorite couple of hers. Very well done!

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Damaged Desires is available on Amazon for $2.99.


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