Jubilee, Jennifer Givhan

Bianca is a naïve young girl, who has a set view of the world, and challenges it when it doesn’t mean her expectations. I confess that I didn’t like her as a character, but she still went through an incredibly traumatic time, and the story that follows does that time justice. When she finally moves on from someone she never should have been with, we get an outsider’s look into what is happening with Bianca, how easy it would be to dismiss her, and the power of sticking by someone in their worst of times.

For me, I accept that I don’t really care for Bianca. She is merely a child, stuck in an impossible position, going through things she isn’t ready to handle. What she goes through is hard at any age. She’s not prepared to cope with what is going on, and she doesn’t have the right support to help her cope either. With Josh, I felt the writing was sloppy. I think his reaction and insight into what Bianca was going through either glossed over things or raced through them. It all summed up too neatly for me. But just because this book wasn’t the right fit for me, doesn’t mean it won’t be the right for others. It’s a heavy book and an emotional read, and I’m grateful Blackstone Publishing sent this along.

Jubilee is available on Amazon for $8.69

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