Rebel Betrayed, Shauna E. Black

Caelin and Mardy are now living in the Undercity, where life is relatively safer. But they don’t fit in, everyone knows they’re Scavs. No one wants to hire a Scav, and thus, Caelin is having trouble finding a job. She doesn’t want to have to depend on Jate forever. While she’s out looking for a job, Mardy is finally in school. She wants Mardy to have the opportunities she never had. But while Caelin is struggling with her own issues, Mardy is having some too. The two sisters are living two very different lives. Meanwhile, the Impartialists are planning something, they just don’t know what. Everyone is on high alert, and it’s making an already tense situation even that much harder. Let’s hope they can find some resolution and fast.

This was a fun second book in the series, though I found Caelin a little relentless. She wouldn’t listen to anything Mardy said, and she insisted only her way was the right way. At the same time, Mardy was acting a little too grown-up for her own good. There was a balance, but they couldn’t find it. We’re left on one heck of a cliffhanger, and so I’m eager to see where Black is going to go with this series. Book 3 cannot come soon enough. Overall, the world is imaginative, with rich characters and a super fun storyline.

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Rebel Betrayed is available on Amazon for $4.99.


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