Dead Rockstar, Lillah Lawson

There are two things everyone should know about Stormy. She’s not over her divorce, and she’s obsessed with her favorite band, the Bloomer Demons. Their frontman, Phillip, committed suicide over two decades ago. But he left some clues in his album, clues to resurrect him from the dead. But surely it’s just a joke, there’s no such thing as necromancy. But on one drunken night, she performs the ritual as a joke, of course. But that spell has consequences she could never imagine.

There were a few technical issues I had with the book, such as Stormy’s divorce timeline. No one can get a divorce in just a few months after separation, it doesn’t work that way. The fact they were joking about resurrecting Steven Tyler, who is most definitely not dead unless he is in this world? There were a few other minor issues that, with some editing, could be easily fixed. When I look past those minor issues, this was a fun and cute read. I liked the storyline; the characters were good. Even Sloan, who was a terrible friend, was a well-written terrible friend. Stormy forgave her way too much, and I would like to picture in her new life, that friendship falls by the wayside. Overall, an enjoyable read.

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Dead Rockstar is available on Amazon for $6.49.


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