The Brothers Finn, Christina Hagmann

Gage and Cooper wake up to find their parents murdered. They receive a mysterious phone call to get out of the house lest they be charged with their murder. On the run for a double murder they didn’t commit, the brothers learn of a new world they never thought possible. Charged with taking down troublesome vampires, the boys have a new focus. Take down the bad guys and find the person responsible for killing their parents. It will not be an easy road for the brothers Finn.

If there was anything I didn’t love about the story, it was that there could have been so more pronouns in place of names at the beginning of the story, as it got a bit tedious at times. But then the writing picked up, and it stopped being an issue for me.

Aside from the small issue I had, this was a fun read because it several elements that drew you in. Two wonderful brothers who are complete opposites. One playful, one serious, but both easy on the eyes. There was the paranormal element that was super fun, and I, for one, love a good vampire story. I liked the mystery element and how it all tied together. It was nice to see Gage breaking out of his comfort zone. The story drew me in, and I wanted to know who was responsible as much as them. I have a feeling there is a lot in store for these brothers. Nicely done.

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The Brothers Finn is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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