Sisters of War, Lana Kortchik

Sisters of War is well-reviewed, so I’m going to skip my usual summary and get right into my thoughts. I requested to review this one from Harper Collins because WWII Historical Fiction is my most favorite genre. But this one was a harder read for me than other Historical Fiction because it focused too heavily on romance for my taste.

I thought Natasha was fairly naïve, and that is typical of that time period. Lisa was a self-centered, spoiled brat. I just couldn’t get over my dislike for her. Kortchik wrote the sisters well because she made me really dislike Lisa. The book got repetitive at times, especially with the day to day.

I appreciate that there is a story out there that talks about what Ukraine went through because it’s rarely featured in books. I just feel that the book isn’t as much about the sisters as it is about Natasha and the people that orbit around her. While I was supposed to love the way the book turned out because of all the turmoil, I felt it was too neat, too perfect. It didn’t mesh with not only the historical fiction books I’ve read but survivor accounts as well. This really wasn’t the book for me, but it might be the right book for others.

Read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub.

Sisters of War is available on Amazon 99 cents.


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