The Liar’s Guide to the Night Sky, Brianna R. Shrum

Hallie feels like an outsider with her cousins. She doesn’t see them often living on the other side of the country. With her strict parents, Hallie doesn’t have a sense of adventure like they do. She errs on the side of caution which will serve her well as a future firefighter. Spending time with her extended family is especially hard because she has a crush on their best friend Jonah, even though she doesn’t know him all that well. So when all the kids decide to have an adventure, she does the most un-Hallie thing ever, she joins them. Little do any of them know the trouble that lay ahead.

I started this one yesterday and could not put it down. I loved how inclusive the characters are and how well they all get along. I think it’s easy to judge Hallie for being weak in the face of her parents, in not challenging them when they are clearly in the wrong. But bending to their will is her life, and it’s not easy to break out of that shell. I loved Hallie and Jonah together. This book has me alternating between the feels and laughing out loud. If I could wish for anything more in this book, it would be a book 2, with not only more of Hallie and Jonah and their new dynamic, but more of the whole crew. I guess I wasn’t quite ready to let them go. A fun read from start to finish.

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The Liars Guide to the Night Sky is available on Amazon for $8.99.


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