She Walks in Moonlight, Jennifer Silverwood

After a decade away from home, Danica’s brother Peter calls her, needing her home. He has leukemia and needs help with his children. Danica would have never dreamed of returning home, she’s run from her past for so long. But her brother needs her, so she hops on a plane and returns. Knowing that it will certainly mean she will run into her ex, Adam.

There are two stories at play here. We have the love angle with Danica and Adam, and then we have Peter struggling with his illness. There were a few continuity errors involving the age difference between Danica and Peter, and while the writing was simplistic, I just didn’t care for the number of times I had to read Adam King when just Adam would have sufficed. Danica’s character flipped between anger and fine too often for my taste. It was as fast as a light switch and it was hard to keep track. The accident, in the beginning, is never resolved either. Overall, this wasn’t the right fit for me, but it might be for others.

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She Walks in Moonlight is available on Amazon for $2.99.


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