Daughter of the Song, Eliza Tilton

Daughter of the Song starts as a normal story about a girl named Arabella who has gone through something traumatic. Her family has moved her away, hoping to allow her to start over. The world has magic, but they try their best to keep it in check. Except for Leo, who has befriended a demon named Shifty. He hasn’t done much for Shifty, because he knows there can be grave consequences. But when Leo meets Arabella, he’s hooked. She sees in him more than he sees in himself. But he might need to rely on Shifty more than ever. When zombies appear, Arabella learns there is more to her than she thought possible. How are these two separate lives related?

First, I think a lot of the issues that arose in the book could have been resolved if people would just communicate. Leo is keeping secrets, Arabella doesn’t speak up about things, and it just creates more issues than needed because no one wants to talk. I wasn’t expecting zombies, and that came a bit out of left field for me. I was curious where Tilton was going to take Arabella’s power of song, and I think it was done well. Overall, a fun story with some interesting directions.

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Daughter of the Song is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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