My Name is Anton, Catherine Ryan Hyde

Anton has gone through more in his 18 years of life than most people his age. But things start to look up when he meets and helps rescue his neighbor, Edith, from her abusive husband. But the age difference proves too much, especially considering it was the ‘60s. So while Edith goes into hiding, Anton doesn’t initially handle the loss well. He spends the next 15 years doing his best and trying to get by, never once forgetting Edith and the time they spent together.

I’ve read two books of Catherine’s before I requested this one from Lake Union Publishing and I enjoyed them all, though perhaps this one less than the other two. For me, things often went too smoothly, and I felt the book rushed through the second half when we are 15+ years into the future. I appreciate the heavy subject material that was weaved in with the storyline, and I absolutely believe family is often the one we make for ourselves. I’m not a huge fan of half stars, so I am rounding my review up to 4 stars. I can’t wait to read more of her work.

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My Name is Anton is available for preorder on Amazon for $5.99, it releases December 1st.


2 thoughts on “My Name is Anton, Catherine Ryan Hyde

    1. I’ve read Brave Girl, Quiet Girl, and Have You Seen Luis Velez. Luis was my favorite of those two books, I loved the teenager Raymond, especially when it reads: “Raymond didn’t like tea, but he had every intention of drinking a cup of it. And keeping his feelings about it to himself.”. It was just respectful, relatable, and made me laugh.

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