Hiss, Amaya Ash

This one came to me as a review request from Ms. Ash, and I had decided before reading the blurb I had wanted to read this because my daughter shares a middle name with her. Then I got to the blurb, and it sounded so fun, it sealed the deal. Being the only barely magic child in a family of three children weighs on Leonie heavily. She has tried her entire life to unleash a power she just doesn’t seem to contain. Through this story, she will learn that sometimes we have to accept and learn to deal with what we’re given to move on in life.

If there were any negatives for me, I felt Leonie was immature, and while I understand people in positions of power, don’t fully understand how the world works, her naivety stretched too far for me. The drama that occurred around her felt contrived. And of course, I was a bit frustrated at the ending because I’m not a fan of books that depend on the next one to continue the storyline but thankfully, all the books are out which means I won’t have to wait.

When I look past those slight issues, there is a lot to love in this one. This was a super fun read. I thought that Hiss’s creations were creative, and they were vividly described. The characters were well-detailed and Ash made them come to life. I thought Leonie’s big rescue plan was absurdly brilliant, and I’m not sure if I would have the same kind of bravery that she did. I loved the world that was created, and I would love to learn more about the varying places that fall under Herman’s rule. I’m looking forward to Leonie going through personal growth in the upcoming books. I can’t wait to start them.

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Hiss is available on Amazon for 99 cents right now, though the price will go up in 5 days. It’s available in KU.


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