The Berlin Girl, Mandy Robotham

Georgie is moving up in the world of reporting, and it’s taking her to Berlin. The year is 1938, and Hitler is making moves against the Jewish population. While she’s settling in and meeting fellow journalists, she isn’t quite prepared for the Germany of today. Berlin is a city she could easily fall in love with, even if she is looking through naivety.

This one was a bit different from other WWII historical fiction books I’ve read because it takes place in the months leading up to the war. When Germans, and subsequently the world, were not only unprepared but unbelieving of the lengths Hitler would go to. As Georgie finds her groove, things progress, and she wants to be on the right side of history. I loved that the story took place before the war and the way the story was shaped around it. It was a well-researched story, and I definitely plan to check out more of Robotham’s work. Thank you, Avon, for sending this along.

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The Berlin Girl is available on Amazon for $9.99.


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