Evangeline Goes West, Julia DeBarrioz

Let’s start with how fantastic this cover is! I’m a huge fan of Julia, so I knew the story was going to match the cover perfectly, in content and quality. Eva is truly something special. She’s a bit broken from an abusive ex-husband, but she’s still got a feisty spark. She’s incredibly funny with a heck of a foul mouth, and I absolutely adored her.

“I didn’t take my eyes off him because I am a cautious modern woman, and definitely not because he was handsome…”

Funny, right? Then throw in the handsome Chase, who could be our next book boyfriend because he’s pretty close to perfect, and I say pretty close because of all the hunting trophies which aren’t my cup of tea. Between the cussing, romance, sexy times, some intense moments, and the hilarity, this book checks so many boxes. It was an addicting read from start to finish.

Read this review on Amazon and Goodreads, give it a like while you’re there.

Evangeline Goes West is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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