Monday’s Not Coming, Tiffany D. Jackson

I grabbed this in Google Books last year, and it’s a shame I hadn’t gotten to read it before now. This is my first book by Jackson, and I keep seeing people recommend Allegedly. You can bet I’m going to grab that as soon as I finish this review, because, Wow!

There is something Jackson writes about that I didn’t see people comment on in the 10ish reviews I skimmed before writing this. That was people’s belief that they shouldn’t step in when another woman is getting abused by her significant other. We need to stop. 19 years after I helped my neighbor, whom I only knew in passing in the hallway, get away from her abusive boyfriend, and we still talk, even though I am states away now. Women need to stick together, and if one is reaching out, don’t hesitate. It’s incredibly hard for people to get out of abusive relationships, they need all the help you can get.

Moving on, I loved Claudia for so many things. Her naivety is dangerously endearing, but she’s insecure, she’s beautiful, and her inner monologue and the way she describes the people in her life are fantastic. She’s incredibly talented and I love that she had dance as an outlet because she spent so much time beating herself up over too much in her life. Jackson’s writing is beautiful, richly descriptive, and heartbreakingly true. Yes, the timeline jumped around a bit, but it’s easy to get used to, and it puts the story together so well, I can’t imagine it written another way. Nicely done.

Read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub.

Monday’s Not Coming is available on Amazon for $8.99.


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