What Could Be Saved, Liese O’Halloran Schwarz

I’ve browsed quite a few reviews before writing my own, and I feel a lot of them spoil this story. I’m going to skip my summary because this is such a powerful book it shouldn’t be spoiled.

The prose is stunning, and I found myself especially engaged when we went back in time to Bangkok. The descriptions of the village and the people are incredibly rich. Genevieve is a hard person to like. I hated the way she renamed and treated people in her employ. I love it when an author writes characters that I don’t love but can still pull emotions from the reader. She’s written all the characters just as well as Genevieve. The alternating timelines meshed together for a complete story.

I cannot recommend adding this to your TBR enough. The story is beautifully told. It is haunting and heartbreaking. There are layers of secrets that get revealed as the years go on. O’Halloran Schwarz touched on many issues from sex trafficking, drugs, fractured families, bullying, and more. It’s a book that leaves an impression on you long after you’ve closed it. Thank you, Atria Books, for sending this along.

What Could Be Saved is available on Amazon for $12.99.

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