Girl Gone Mad, Avery Bishop

Girl Gone Mad is a ‘Mean Girls’ get meaner, and it hooked me from the start. I liked the alternating timelines of when the girls were young and things went south, and then the present, in the aftermath of their behavior all those years ago.

There is something I always point out when I read books, and that’s when an author throws around PTSD with poor research. Here’s the thing, was it PTSD? Eventually, probably. But at the time they were calling it that, it was too soon to diagnose. Did Grace have Post Traumatic Stress? Indeed. I know it can seem petty, but if you’re going to include mental illness in a book, then give it proper representation. But the PTSD issue becomes irrelevant later on in the book, so why even add it?

These girls were just awful. The worst of the worse, and they repeatedly got away with it. Why were the doctors, teachers, therapists, and the like so bad at doing the right thing? And Emily, who is our main storyteller, who’s perhaps not as awful as the ringleaders, is still a bad person who essentially gets away with being trash. Feeling guilt doesn’t absolve her of her actions. I didn’t like it. But, I’ve always said that an author that can make me dislike the characters with such feeling has done their job well.

The thing where it fell apart for me was the ending. I can’t properly address one thing that happens halfway through the book without spoiling it. But no teenager is going to go through what Grace did at the cabin and be okay after that. I think even someone psychopathic would have some reaction. Perhaps I’m wrong.

Overall, the storyline is addicting, and I really liked the writing. It’s an enjoyable read that keeps you both cringing and guessing along the journey.

Girl Gone Mad is available on Amazon for $1.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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