Ten Rules for Faking It, Sophie Sullivan

Everly’s bad luck on her birthday has come around again. Her 30th finds her single and upset. But when her job ends up in jeopardy, a crazy plan that puts her out into the world of dating might just be the thing she needs to turn her life around. With the help of her best friend Stacie, Everly is about to embark on a difficult journey, that puts her out there in a very big way.

This one has such potential, but it landed flat in several places for me. First is Everly’s mother, who is just absolute garbage. Ignoring the fact she treats Everly more like a friend than a daughter, she consistently thinks Everly should just forgive her ex-boyfriend. This whole “men make mistakes” had me sick. Second, I didn’t care for Everly as a character. She wasn’t that great of a friend to Stacie. The friendship was entirely one-sided. Everly is incredibly childish for someone thirty years old. She just wasn’t a likable character.

This was a fun storyline, my dislike of characters aside. I appreciated that Sullivan represented social anxiety well. I liked when Everly finally found herself and could speak up and act like the grown-up she is supposed to be. Overall, this wasn’t the right fit for me, but I think because the storyline is so fun, it will be the right fit for others. Thank you, St. Martin’s, for sending this along.

Ten Rules for Faking It is available on Amazon for $10.99.


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