Fat Chance, Charlie Vega, Crystal Maldonado

Look at this amazing cover, it’s gorgeous!

Charlie is learning to love herself, which is a hard task when she feels like she can’t measure up to her best friend, Amelia. Her mother is constantly pressuring her to lose weight, not only by unhealthy means such as pyramid scheme supplement shakes but by shaming her as well. There is so much pressure in high school to fit in, and Charlie has so much going on, she’s not sure of her place in the world. But she’s slowly finding her niche.

Charlie has such a good heart. She’s strong and caring, has an incredible sense of fashion, and if she could see herself through other’s eyes, she would realize just how amazing she truly is. Her anxiety makes her relatable, and she has good coping skills. Maldonado did an outstanding job bringing the characters and issues within to life. I loved her friendship with Amelia because it wasn’t perfect, which made it incredibly real. Overall, a super fun read.

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega is available on Amazon for $11.99.

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