The Project, Courtney Summers

What makes Bea, who is close to her sister Lo, just up and leave with no word? It would have to be a fairly compelling reason. Especially considering they’ve both been through something traumatic. Poor Lo, close to alone in this world, is just trying to make sense of Bea’s disappearance. The deeper she digs, the worse things get.

I admit I sympathized with Lo more than Bea because she walked away from her sister. Had they not been close, had there been some sort of friction, I might have liked her more. But this is what cults do, though. They seek those who are easy to manipulate, those who are going through trauma or loss, and they separate them from their families. Lev was good at what he did, and he had a lot of help doing it. And of course, this story wouldn’t have happened had she not walked away.

Even though I favored Lo more than Bea, the chapters from each of the sister’s perspectives are written well. They both made some poor decisions along their journeys. I like Summers’ writing style and how she pieces the story together. It’s chilling and realistic. Nicely done. Thank you, St. Martin’s, for sending this along.

The Project is available on Amazon for $10.99,.

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