What’s Worth Keeping, Kaya McLaren

While Amy is off to the places of her childhood trying to find who she is as a cancer survivor, her husband and daughter are figuring out their new roles on their own. Paul is still struggling, many years after a vicious bombing, and Carly has been so angry and she’s bearing the scars of watching her mother go through this fight. She’s terrified, and she feels like she’s going through it alone. Through careful storytelling, we watch each family member struggle on their own to make sense of everything they’re going through.

“I wasn’t mad at her. I was just mad.”

I was most attached to Carly and her story. She was so angry; it was heartbreaking watching her struggle so much, and it made sense why she had been acting out as of late. I highlighted a lot of the text in her chapters because it made such an impact.

“…leaving Carly to wonder how a person takes off invisible armor when it’s welded on.”

This is a story about finding strength and the power of forgiveness and family. Overall, an impactful and emotional read. Thank you, St. Martin’s, for sending this along.

What’s Worth Keeping is available on Amazon for $10.99.

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