Good Neighbors, Sarah Langan

Maple Street is a community where you fit in or get out. One woman has the power to compel the neighbors to do her bidding, even if it’s completely nonsensical. They’re all so used to deferring they don’t know any other way. Things can turn dangerous when you either don’t or won’t think for yourself.

The writing is unique because we have this fun storyline, interspersed with newspaper articles that help to further the storytelling. Langan has given us this fantastic book, with entirely unlikeable characters, an entire neighborhood of them. The storyline is gripping, and the characters are utterly ludicrous at times. They are so well-written it makes you want to reach into the book to ring their necks. The lies and manipulation keep building, and you get drawn into this wicked web, unable to put the book down, hoping for some resolution that puts these horrible neighbors in their place. It’s a testament to how good the writing is with this. Nicely done. Thank you, Atria Books, for sending this along

Good Neighbors is available on Amazon for $12.99.

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