Flowers of Darkness, Tatiana de Rosnay

We’re some years into the future, and temperatures are consistently beyond what is comfortable. Technological advancements have grown by leaps and bounds, and life is easier using such technology. But what if those advancements are being used for nefarious reasons? That’s what we look at in this novel.

I must confess that I almost didn’t finish this. I found the impossibly long paragraphs hard to get through. But I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did. If there was anything I didn’t love, it was the slow unveiling of Clarissa’s past. Even though the secrets were unpredictable, I didn’t feel it was necessary.

I requested to read this because I had the feeling things were going to go fantastically awry in Clarissa’s new home. I wanted to see how de Rosnay was going to write such a home, and what horrors awaited Clarissa. Overall, this is told at a leisurely pace and makes for an enjoyable read. Thank you, St. Martin’s, for sending this along.

Flowers of Darkness is available on Amazon for $14.99.

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