Copper Lining, Christy Pastore

There is no way I could have a new Christy Pastore book and not race through it as soon as I got it. Enter Wes, also known as Brant, “the manta ray whisperer”. He’s living life outside of the family, going where the surf is good, and the sun is practically guaranteed. So when he gets a rich princess renting his boat for the day, he’s not sure where the day will lead. He definitely isn’t expecting her to make some foolish mistake that could put her in danger. But if we’ve learned anything, it’s that there is always more to first appearances.

I adored Minka. That she’s been burned by love, that her family is less than stellar, is all so relatable. Minka is good at running to protect herself. Who would have thought that someone who is used to going where the next job takes him would be the person to stop her from running? Mayfield is the kind of town you want to move to. The fact the Caldwell’s live there is a huge bonus. And who doesn’t love the fact that you get to see the couples you’ve fallen in love with throughout the series? Copper Lining is a fantastic and sexy addition to the series that you won’t want to put down.

Copper Lining is available for preorder on Amazon for $2.99, it releases January 28th.

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