Perfect on Paper, Sophie Gonzales

There’s a locker in school that you can deposit your love advice questions into. You will then receive an e-mail response from an anonymous source. That source not only has a 95% success rate but is none other than Darcy Phillips. When she gets busted emptying the locker by Brougham, she doesn’t want her identity revealed. Especially because she’s done something less than ethical. To keep her secret, she needs to help Brougham win back his ex. Simple, right?

Perfect on Paper has excellent representation, and I feel there is a character for anyone to relate to. Gonzales writes about biphobia, which is so very ingrained in people, and it’s something we all need to hear. This is a funny, sometimes emotional read that gives you *all the feels*. I loved the characters, flaws and all. I haven’t read Sophie before this book, but it’s something I am going to remedy. Super fun read. Thank you, St. Martin’s-Wednesday Books for sending this along!

Perfect on Paper is available for on Amazon for $10.99.

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