Five Ways to Fall Out of Love, Emily Martin

It’s the age-old story. Girl loves boy, boy hurts and humiliates her, girl pines away, heartbroken, watching him date girl after girl. Until she meets his cousin.

Thank you, Ms. Martin, for addressing the toxic beliefs regarding virginity. Further, she addressed the culture of shaming a woman for what she’s wearing, because essentially, boys can’t control themselves. We need more of this in books. We need to show the repercussions of these kinds of toxic beliefs.

Poor Aubrey spends so much time trying to control things she isn’t really living. Her unhealthy attachment to Bayes rule is controlling her life. But these obsessions are rooted in the drama of her parents. The constant arguing and putting her in the middle has changed her. Her absolute need for control makes her unlikable at times. But there is hope, and we get to see that in this. If there was anything I didn’t love, it was the sparring between Webster and Aubrey. That got to be pretty toxic. Had they talked things out, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Overall, this was a cute read. It addressed a lot of real-world issues. It was angsty and dramatic. A fun enemy to lovers read. Thank you, Inkyard Press, for sending this along.

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2 thoughts on “Five Ways to Fall Out of Love, Emily Martin

  1. The double standards are so stupid. My little sister has to make sure she doesn’t wear blouses that show her shoulders at school because… uh, they’re distracting? I don’t consider myself a feminist in general but those are the kinds of things that drive me crazy. 😦

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    1. You’re right, the rules need to change. Instead of forcing a girl to go home and change, which interrupts her learning, perhaps they should be teaching boys to stop sexualizing girls. Schools are sending a message that because boys are easily distracted, they take priority. Raising better boys makes better men.

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