Beth & Lucy, Katherine Shade

Let’s pretend you have a favorite series. Okay, we don’t have to pretend about that part. But what would you do if your favorite character showed up at your door, telling you she has read about you her entire life? Sounds fun, and maybe a bit scary, right? That’s why I jumped at the chance to read and review this book.

But Beth isn’t all Lucy hoped for; in fact, she’s downright mean. Beth is rude to the point of being unlikable. Thankfully, it doesn’t send Lucy running, and she sticks around. I’m glad she did because I adored her personality and her abilities, which I would have liked to see more of. As we were reading, Beth would often break the 4th wall, which I absolutely loved. She’s also super funny when she’s not being cranky.

The ending didn’t happen the way I picture or in a way that seemed to go with the story. We have these two young women who have learned to work together to do some amazing things, and then like a balloon, it all fizzled. But the journey to the ending was super fun. Beth & Lucy is a fun story with a bit of magic, misadventure, and mayhem.

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Beth & Lucy is available on Amazon for $2.99 it’s enrolled in KU.

About the book:
Sixteen-year-old Beth Meyer has three guilty pleasures: nineties sitcoms, crosswords, and—most embarrassing of all—the Lucy Hutchinson book series. They’re silly novels about Lucy’s adventures at a secret school for magic, but they help Beth imagine an exciting life from a safe distance.

That is, until the day Lucy shows up at Beth’s door.

Lucy claims that Beth’s older brother Tim is going to be murdered. She says she wants to help Beth prevent his death. Which should be doable, seeing as she’s a wizard.

Beth is sure all those Netflix binge-sessions have finally gone to her head. She locks the door on Lucy and pretends the whole bizarre visit never happened. Then Lucy starts popping up everywhere—waiting for Beth in the school parking lot. Levitating Beth’s cup at Starbucks.

Beth is terrified of putting herself in danger for the troubled brother she knows doesn’t want her help. But when Tim starts behaving strangely, Beth realizes Lucy might just be right. And if she wants to keep Tim alive, she’ll have to work with Lucy to solve a murder that hasn’t happened yet.


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