Sheltered, Jacob Paul Patchen

Sheltered has our main character, James, telling the story to other “risers” of what brought him here. The story was unique in that way. “We were all just victims of circumstance-lost souls in a lost world.” Kids who have survived and come through the worse are trying to make it through each day. The world has changed, and no one is safe right now.

If there was anything I didn’t like, it was that the dog dies. I am not a fan of trigger warnings at all, but some readers are incredibly sensitive to that, and I just don’t care for that happening in books, especially when you’re not prepared for it. But I’m a huge fan of prepper books, especially ones where the prepping proves fruitful. James is a very real character, and he gets by the best way he can. Overall, this an enjoyable story with a lot to like.

Sheltered is available on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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About the Book:
“We are all given a space in life to fill, a roaring emptiness in time… and it’s how you choose to fill that void, that will determine the difference in becoming a man or a legend.”

That’s what my father said to me a few years ago before he walked out on Mom, Emily, and me. If I would have had any sense back then, I would have asked him exactly what that meant.

Instead, I’m out here learning it the hard way – dodging bullets and bombs while America is at war – my friends fighting back with all we have, while trying to keep these orphaned children safe and our dreams alive.

They call us The Risers. Well, okay… so we call ourselves “The Risers.” But either way, we’re out here doing everything we can just to survive and rise up from our nation’s ashes with honor, integrity, and justice.

Now, with smoky memories of a lost childhood, and the horrible, lingering, cardboard taste of MRE crackers (still left over from living in Dad’s bomb shelter), my mini army and me march forward, taking back what was once taken for granted.

But to be honest, I’m really just out here winging it. Wish me luck.


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