The Nowhere Girls, Amy Reed

I want to start my review by saying I DNF’d this book with less than 100 pages left. I’m going to talk about why I DNF’d it, so it might be a bit spoiler-y in telling y’all why I wanted to throw my tablet across the room.

The story started fine. I liked how we get the point of view from the three main characters, but we also get short snippets from unnamed girls. We get to see what life is like living as a female in this high school, in this toxic atmosphere. Grace, Rosina, and Erin all brought something important to the discussion. Other characters did as well, and I liked what Sam had to say. They all had an inner strength, even if they might not see it at times. I loved Grace’s mother. We need more parents like her.

Then I got to where things started getting heated. I understand schools that cater to their sports teams because I went to such a school. They base everything from pep rallies to budget and support around the sports teams. I didn’t agree with the principal’s actions, but I understood that kind of atmosphere. Someone broke into the records, and that was wrong. But the posters, the girls sticking together? That was wonderful! Again, in that toxic atmosphere, I can understand why the principal got involved. Their golden boys were finally facing repercussions for their actions, for the atmosphere they created. The coach was a bit over the top in his dedication to protecting the golden boys. But there are coaches like that out there.

But… When they passed the rule that females couldn’t gather in small groups to discuss non-school-related items? When girls risked getting sent to the principal’s office for merely congregating? That was the final straw, and I quit. I really hope it turned into them protesting and the principal getting fired. For the guys to face consequences for the countless young women they hurt. I hope there is redemption for these young ladies around the corner in the book, but I can’t wade through the pampering anymore to get there.

So many people loved this book, so I imagine it gets better. I don’t want this review to dissuade others from giving it a go. I appreciate the issues that Reed has tackled in this book. But some things seemed too much for me, and I guess I have a low tolerance for too much.

You can buy The Nowhere Girls on Amazon for $9.99 and see if it will be the right fit for you.

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