Forbidden Sins (Tat #6), Kailee Reese Samuels

This book comes in at slightly over 1100 pages, and that’s why I’ve been incognito on the blog for the last few days. Kailee’s books are never going to be ones you can finish in one read, which is perfect because it means you get to spend days with characters you’ve gotten to intimately know in this world she has created.

“What would a limitless realm of happiness feel like?”

Wow, I don’t really know how to properly review Forbidden Sins. So much has happened, and there have been many changes. Several books ago, I was questioning a few things, and I messaged Kailee. She told me, “we’re going on a journey,” and that has been the ongoing mantra. While I’m sitting in the wake of this book, questioning some of the changes and feeling complicated feelings towards some of the characters, I remember our fearless leader has never steered us wrong. I stay in the boat, with my life raft close at hand, and continue on the journey, in full faith that things will happen as they are meant.

“… to love fully, unconditionally, without borders or boundaries we must encompass all that we are and give it to another.”

While you could jump into this having not read the previous books, you won’t be able to appreciate the long road that has gotten us here. You could not feel, with everything in you, the impact of all that has happened. I can only wait for the next book, for the next swoon, the next sledgehammer to the gut, and for the repairs I know are in store. Nicely done.

For now you can read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub.

Forbidden Sins is available on Amazon for $6.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

About the Book:
From my vantage point, I stare at the shadowed angles of his slumbering face––pronounced jawline, wine-stained lips, and the strong hand tucked beneath his week-old scruff. His atramentous ink sheaths like armor protecting the man I love.
The lotus scarred…etched…burned into his flesh like a shield of battle, an emblem, a flag…a declaration of war. In the empty bassinet beside the bed, the baby will sleep when she returns to me.
No matter how many times I repeat it…say it…cry it…scream it…I cannot connect. I cannot bond—professing the emotion, to get past the boundary, to flee the cell others put me in.
This should be easy.
I carried that soul within my body for months…and now, we’re strangers, misaligned with resentment and need.
I am stuck.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
I want the time back.
My eyes skirt over to the man in the chair, sleeping peacefully and cradling his baby. He quickly repairs things, so why can he not fix me?
Someone must hold the key.
He’ll steal one for me.
Because he is the Lotus King.
And the man in the chair is his dirty thief, swiping anything his pretty boy desires.
With one tiny push of my finger, I could cause the dominoes to tumble and crash their perfect reunion. I am the Queen of my mafia, the wife of Salvatore Raniero, and the playmate of a Saint. They love me, but I cannot fathom why. I don’t even know myself anymore.
Who am I now?
A shell of the woman I once was.
A paltry peasant scavenging for scraps and finding none on the bathroom floor.
My trembling fingers brush over the freezing, hard tile resembling my heart.
God, help me.

Book 6 of TAT Series takes the holy trinity of Sal, Deacon, and Iris to a place they’ve never spent much time together.
A homecoming to remember and a love to never forget.

This is an epic story of lies, betrayal, and love.

a Tomb of Ashen Tears is dark romantic suspense fiction with a journey to find happiness, set within sweeping landscapes. TAT Books are intense, addictive, and not for the faint of heart.

TAT Books should be read in order.


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