Slingshot, Mercedes Helnwein

I wanted to really love this book, and for a while, I did. Grace was so good at pushing people away, her armor so thick, that it’s no wonder that she let Wade into her life. I liked that she was flawed and that her family life was incredibly flawed. When she used her slingshot to help Wade out, I was cheering her on. She’s a hard person to like because of how harsh she is, but I knew there was a reason worth finding out.

I think the issues other readers had with this were a non-issue for me. I think a lot of teen girls develop crushes on teachers. Maybe not to the extent they consider them soulmates, but Grace is unique. But I did have issues reading this, and that’s what held me back from really loving this. I didn’t care for her referring to people living in trailers as white trash. I didn’t like that Anju gave her this totally passive-aggressive apology, and Grace is like, cool, we should be besties. As you can see, this book was up and down for me. But I’m giving it 4-stars because the story is engaging and well-written. Thank you, St. Martin’s/Wednesday Books, for sending this along.

Slingshot is available on Amazon for $10.99.

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About the Book:
Grace Welles is stuck at a third-tier boarding school in the swamps of Florida, where her method of survival is a strict, self-imposed loneliness. And it works. Her crap attitude keeps people away because without friends, there are fewer to lose.

But when she accidentally saves the new kid, Wade Scholfield, from being beaten up, everything about her precariously balanced loner world collapses and, in order to find her footing again, she has no choice but to discover a completely new way to exist.

Because with Wade around, school rules are optional, weird is okay, and conversations about wormholes can lead to make-out sessions that disrupt any logical stream of thought. Nothing’s perfect, but that’s not the point. When they’re together everything seems uncomplicated in a way that Grace knows is not possible.

Except it is.

So why does Grace crush Wade’s heart into a million pieces?

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