A Secret Service, Joy Jenkins

“You fear getting close to people because you fear being abandoned again. You use your intellect and physical force to keep everyone else at a distance.”

You guys, this book has over 200, 4, and 5-star ratings on Amazon for a reason. That reason is a combination of excellent storytelling and Carter, our fantastic leading lady. In four years, she can give men with full FBI training a run for their money. That training results from a major hurt, a hurt that had her building thick, high walls. She’s used to pushing people away. Link and his best friend Donovan are a total surprise.

Carter is the MC we all need in our lives. She’s strong and insightful, she’s funny, and when she loves, she loves hard. You only need to look at her relationship with her father to see that. She draws you in with her intelligence, her defense of the underdog, and her vulnerability. A Secret Service is a well-written and engaging story. Everything from the storyline, the characters, and the witty exchanges between the trio, is super addicting. An unputdownable read.

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A Secret Service is available on Amazon for $6.99.

About the Book:
Carter Owens, daughter of a Secret Service agent, is trained to disassemble any weapon, any situation, and anyone.  Her biting sarcasm and razor-sharp mind make her impossible to beat in a word fight and when talking doesn’t work, she uses her fists. She attends Hamilton Prep, Washington D.C.’s most prestigious high school, where everyone is related to someone in power, except her. 

When Hamilton Prep receives a flood of new students, Carter’s role as social outcast changes when she makes two unexpected friends. Friends who are hiding a secret.  As Carter uncovers the truth, she confronts challenges she is unequipped to handle and finds herself in a dangerous situation.  

For a girl trained to see everything, Carter never saw this coming.


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