Deadly Memories, Amanda Siegrist

Deke has been nursing the pain of the past for far too long. It’s made him stagnant in his relationships, and he’s letting the hurt fester and ruin his chances at a lasting relationship. Charlotte isn’t too happy with him, especially because he used that pain to hurt her. But she might be just the person to help break down his walls.

I adore the Lucky Town series. There are so many characters to choose from in this town, and each of them has a story. I like Charlotte because she’s strong and assertive. I love how she ties into the Lucky Town world and relates so well to the characters we’ve met. Siegrist is skillful at weaving together suspense and romance to bring couples together and give the reader an edge of the seat feeling while reading. Nicely done!

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Deadly Memories is available for preorder on Amazon for $3.99, it releases June 8th.

About the Book:
Love is scary…death is terrifying.

Deke Sumnter only has casual sex. Anything beyond that, he’s not interested. Until Charlotte. She’s smart, sexy, and something he’s always craved. But one time was all he could give her. He should’ve known it wouldn’t be enough. Now, she won’t even talk to him. He’d take just being friends over the silent treatment.

When trouble starts brewing again in their small town, this time targeting the woman he swears he doesn’t love, he won’t let anything stop him from protecting her, even if everything inside of him says he needs to stay as far away from her as possible.


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